The Difficulty of Mining Bitcoin Has Risen By 3.4% 
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The Difficulty of Mining Bitcoin Has Risen By 3.4% 

According to the report, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty increased by 3.4%, a decrease from the previous jump of 9.26% on August 31. It is, however, the fourth positive adjustment in a row. The Bitcoin mining difficulty on August 18 was 0.63%. According to BTC.com, the Bitcoin mining difficulty on July 22 was negative (-) 5.01%. BTC.com monitors the difficulty of network mining. It also posts an update every two weeks as changes are made. 

The significant drop in mining difficulty earlier this summer, according to The Block, was caused by Bitcoin miners turning off their machines in response to conservation demands during peak power demand due to extreme heat. Mining difficulty is defined by the complexity of the mining process. Miners frequently try to find hashes that are less than a certain level. Miners who “discover” this hash win the reward for the next transaction block, and the difficulty adjusts in sync with the network’s hash rate every 2,016 blocks (roughly every two weeks). Despite the increase in mining difficulty, many private bitcoin mining firms have expanded their crypto business. 

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CleanSpark expanded its crypto mining business in August to capitalize on opportunities created by the ongoing bear market. According to Blockchain.News, CleanSpark announced a definitive agreement with Waha Technologies, a low-carbon Bitcoin miner, to acquire a Bitcoin mining site (owned by Waha), which includes the mining facility and machines. 

However, in addition to mining difficulty, cryptocurrency mining firms have several fixed costs, such as power, real estate, and rigs that aid in the actual mining of cryptos, which is why it can be difficult for their margins when the market significantly drops the value of funds they were holding in crypto, such as Bitcoin. Many publicly traded Bitcoin mining firms sold more Bitcoin in June than they mined in May, as the value of Bitcoin fell by 45%. In addition, Bitfarms sold 1,500 Bitcoins for approximately $62 million in June and used the proceeds to reduce its debt. 

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