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Emerging crypto initiatives are displacing established coins as market leaders. This is seen from the price developments that relatively established coins such as Bitcoin and Litecoin have experienced in 2022. The Bitgert (BRISE) leads the group of coins whose price increase has outpaced that of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the majority of other top coins. 

Compared to Bitcoin and Litecoin, the biggest coin’s price performance in 2022 has been far superior. While Bitcoin and Litecoin prices have been trending lower in 2022, the price of Bitgert has been rising nonstop. The Coinmarketcap platform has this information available. 

While Bitcoin is down 59.70% and Litecoin is down 64% this year, the price of Bitgert has climbed by 70%. Without going into further depth, this demonstrates how effective Bitgert has been when compared to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Here are some justifications for why BRISE is now the preferred -cryptocurrency investment above Bitcoin and Litecoin 

Bitgert Constant Bullish Outlook 

$BRISE has had one of the most bullish outlooks for 2022. It is one of the coins that has announced a new ATH for 2022. During this time, Bitcoin and Litecoin have been on the decline. When these significant cryptocurrencies were bearish, the Bitgert remained bullish. Due to the large sell-offs that Bitcoin and Litecoin were experiencing, this prompted a lot of investors to purchase $BRISE. 

Fast Development Bitgert 

Another aspect that has made BRISE highly appealing is the quick pace at which the Brise ecosystem has been delivered. In reality, the Brise project’s plan delivery is unmatched by Bitcoin and Litecoin, let alone the disruptiveness of the goods the Brise team has produced.  

Bitgert Zero Gas Fee Blockchain 

The Brise team has created a robust blockchain, the BRC20, which is the market’s only gasless chain. The implementation of the Brise zero gas fee has greatly boosted $BRISE’s performance this year. 

These are the key factors that have made Bitgert a superior crypto investment this year to Bitcoin and Litecoin. 

Centcex or CENX Is Also Doing Well 

When it comes to the Centcex coin, it has performed better than Bitcoin and Litecoin this year. Centcex is the second most rewarding after Bitgert. Centcex, on the other hand, outperformed Bitgert last month after surging 200% in 30 days. Centcex is also green in 2022 and will be one to watch. 

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