Reason Behind Increment of Women Investors in Crypto Market 
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Reason Behind Increment of Women Investors in Crypto Market 

Just like the finance and tech industry, the industry of crypto unfortunately has long-standing gender inequities. The involvement of women in the crypto market, whether that be to investors or as founders, has lagged behind men, as always. 

One of the main pillars of crypto has always been a democratized and decentralized financial system. But the male-dominated crypto industry has never appeared as a space for women and has always been opposite to its founding principles. 
 Thankful, this is changing. Recent data from exchanges and any other crypto companies provides a glimmer of hope. It is reported around 20% of crypto investors in India are women, but the numbers show a significant gender gap. 
 However, the interesting fact in these reports is that the new investors, women, seem to be giving men a run for their money and most of the platforms have seen a phenomenal increase in the number of women investing on these platforms. 

This is not just limited to investing money. Women are coming on board the platform as builders, creators, founders and influencers too. 

The number of investors demonstrates how young women investors are shifting from traditional investments increasingly like gold to crypto. 

So, what is driving this shift? 

There are multiple reasons behind this. A main cause is the growing awareness of crypto as technology and people realizing how investing in Crypto and Bitcoin has long-term potential. There is vast awareness among the women investors on the value of financial independence. 

In India, women were not strangers to invest in crypto. But, traditionally, women stucked investments in silver and gold. However, with the increase in the awareness of crypto, they have started understanding convenience involved in storing and buying digital assets online. 

The higher returns in crypto results in women bringing their family and friends to investing. Some of them also started trying NFTs and other types of digital assets. 

The increased penetration of the internet in the country has also a reason behind the decline in data inequality, that is contributing positively to this change. 

The crypto industry has taken itself to reward and recognize talent without any bias. It has resulted in a growing number of women investors at senior positions in crypto startups. 

As the crypto market matures, there is more regulatory and clarity globally and emerging used cases and markets. It gives several women’s confidence in order to emerge as the entrepreneurs holding influential positions in the global and Indian crypto ecosystem. 

I sincerely hope that it is not just a short-term trend but the beginning of the influx of womens to the industry. Women are trailblazers paving the way in the crypto industry despite all of the challenges that may face. 

As women join the crypto ecosystem, it results in the increased influence that eventually benefits and being passed on women everywhere. It would also allow gender diversity and provide opportunities to women’s working in the same sector. 

Women playing key roles as industry leaders in crypto industry that is still some time away. But it would shift the scale and give a better balance in this ecosystem. The balance would help to give results in viable ways for women to financial freedom. 

Regulators need to ensure that crypto space is diverse and inclusive. It would bring changes to all aspects of the crypto ecosystem that help to build a brighter and better future. 

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