Five Next Cryptocurrency to Explode the Year 2022
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Five Next Cryptocurrency to Explode the Year 2022

If your investment strategy for cryptocurrency is to buy at a low rate and sell at a high, then you have landed on the right page. In this write-up, we will take you to the top cryptocurrencies that are selling below their actual value.  

There are various undervalued projects in the crypto market, those projects made the list at a rapid pace during the progression of project development. They capture organic attention from NFT and crypto markets. An uptrend is a few weeks away if they keep up the enthusiasm.  

Now, let’s look at the top 5 cryptocurrencies gearing up for the bull run: 

Battle Infinity – Next Big Cryptocurrency to Explode 

Silks – Best Upcoming NFT as Game Token 

Avalanche – Top Crypto Coin  

Chiliz – Best Crypto Token for Sports Gaming 

Cardano – Top Cryptocurrency Awaiting for a Comeback 

Take A Closer Look at the List of Best Cryptocurrencies  

We compiled the list of the next big cryptocurrencies after analyzing many emerging, popular, and new projects in the crypto market. Now we are going to dive into a detailed review of cryptocurrencies mentioned under the list and underlying project.  

Battle Infinity or IBAT – It is one of the Next Big cryptocurrencies that are ready to explode. Battle Infinity is relatively a new project. Early-stage investments in IBAT can give huge returns over time compared to highly-established projects that can be saturated. The value of these new tokens is backed by ambitious projects that can skyrocket in some days to exchange the listing if they reach the potential audience. But it is not the main cause why Battle Infinity is on the top of our list.  

Silks – Silks is an innovative and skill-based fantasy game that brings the thoroughbred horse race to the metaverse. It combines horse racing markets and the multi-billion dollar video gaming world to set up a vibrant metaverse stage. 

Avalanche (AVAX) – Avalanche or AVAX is the most commonly used blockchain technology that empowers the most popular decentralized apps in the crypto market. Touted as the potential Ethereum killer and Avalanche has proven its relevance in the recent few months. 

Chiliz (CHZ) – Socios.com is the mobile application that is used to reinvent the way of fan monetization through cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It introduced many new means to engage fans by building partnerships with sports teams and launching fan tokens.  

Cardano (ADA) – Cardano or ADA requires no introduction. This blockchain technology has been building values with new improvements and developments. ADA is the best cryptocurrency that brings much attention to users this year. Currently, Cardano is priced at 0.5107 USD, which is 83.52% down from its high value of USD 3.10. This huge gap in its price range translates to big returns for investors planning to buy the dip.  


Above we have mentioned some top cryptocurrencies that look the most promising this year. Projects like Avalanche, Chiliz, and Cardano are highly established in the crypto market. We expect them to bounce back to the action as they unroll new updates and features. On the other side, projects like Silks and Battle Infinity are new, which hints at the higher growth in potential.  

Silks aim to nurture the metaverse with collective purpose, aligned incentives, and reward ownership experience. And, Battle Infinity is the perfect place to play, earn, and battle. It empowers you to turn your gaming passion into an income source.

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